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About Our Community

The Lioness Within Community is a social enterprise passionate about promoting mental health and wellbeing in young women.

We work to eradicate self-harming, eating disorders, depression and other mental health challenges in young women.

We believe that intervention is better than cure –  It is easier to educate a young woman and arm her with the skills that will help her to become more secure and confident in her own skin, and empowered to cope with modern day pressures, than to treat and support her when she becomes depressed, bulimic or anorexic or self-harms.

That’s why we collaborate with schools, colleges and organisations that work with young people to deliver our services.

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Resilience and Confidence Building Programme

Our Resilience and Confidence Building Programme is a unique and holistic programme made up of 8 workshops. It is suitable for young people aged from 14 to 19 years and has has been especially created by a team of experts in the field of adolescent psychology.

We have worked with up to 200 young people, helping them to –
  • Develop resilience to social pressures and bullying – on or offline.
  • Build a positive self image from within – boosting confidence and reducing social anxiety.
  • Develop positive self-awareness – reducing self consciousness and the constant fear of being judged – or the need to be judgmental.
  • Develop assertiveness without aggression. Having the ability to fearlessly speak up for their rights and beliefs without fearing judgement or condemnation.
  • Develop a sense of purpose by learning to focus their attention more on what they want to achieve and how to set goals to achieve them.
  • Embrace their ”imperfections” and to love who they are, rather than feeling pressured to be skinny or to look “perfect”, which can lead to eating disorders, depression and self-harming.


Guidance and Support

We provide one-to-one coaching and mentoring to young people.

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If you’re a parent, a decision maker for a school, or an organization that works with young people, you know how important mental wellbeing is for a young person. Without it, there’s no success, no future, no happy graduation day…

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